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So close I can taste it and I think I'll go mad.
I stick out my tongue everything just tastes bad.
That taste in my mouth sounds a lot like my Dad.
It says, "All I can give you was all that I had."

So it's all about words now and how their distorting.
That sound in your head's just a different recording.
You look like the one with the yellowy eye.
You tell me you need me I know it's a lie.

That finger's still pointing and looking for dust.
That bikes still chained up outside covered in rust.
I chopped all my wood but forgot to get water.
I rise with the sun 'cause I slept with your daughter.

Prewar contact.
We all want her back.
That great white shark bite keeps bringing me back.

So I learned that sometimes things begin where they end.
Yesterday's fight was the day before's friend.
I proofread a lot now before I hit send.
I like to say fuck but I hate to offend.

I worked through that minefield before I belonged.
I took 12 steps toward where I thought I belonged.
Spent so much time talking about things that were wrong.
I never thought life would be so goddamn long.

There's a brick in my oven and there's bread in my loving.
A whistle just blew and my friends are all boarding.
I'm nervous and scared. I'm sad and I'm free.
I ask it who's there it says, "No one, just me."

Prewar contact.
We all want her back.
That great white shark bite keeps bringing me back.


from Honey, Are You Ready For The Ballet?, track released January 1, 2002




Major Matt Mason USA Shawnee, Kansas

Major Matt Mason USA is the performing name for musician, poet, and producer Matt Roth. Originally from Shawnee, Kansas, He is also a member of the bands Schwervon! and Broken Heart Syndrome.

As of the fall of 2019 Major Matt Mason USA has been performing with Brian Hurtgen on drums and more recently Dane Bridges on Bass.
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