Stupid Feelings

by Major Matt Mason USA

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dan jones
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dan jones I love this tune, and the lyrics stand by themselves. Favorite track: Stupid Feelings.


This is a song about releasing yourself and others from judgment. It's a celebration of the beautiful messes that we are and that strange peace you feel when you're cleaning up after the party that trashed your house the night before.


Intelligent minds
Intelligent sex
Intelligent drugs
Intelligent friends

And stupid, stupid feelings.

Intelligent cars
Intelligent phones
Intelligent lights
Intelligent homes

And stupid, stupid feelings.

Every time I hear that sound
I can feel the walls come down.
Looking in the lost and found
For the higher ground.

Incredible Hulks
Incredible skies
Incredible views
Incredible eyes

And stupid, stupid feelings.

Just look at my face,
The tears in my eyes
Washing away
The judging disguise

Of all those beautiful feelings.

Every single high and low
Tells me something I should know.
Appreciate the thoughts and prayers

But listen to your tears.



released May 6, 2022
Matt Roth - Guitar, Vocals
Brian Hurtgen - Drums
Dane Bridges - Bass

Recorded and mixed by Paul Malinowski at Massive Audio (Shawnee, KS)
Produced by Matt Roth and Paul Malinowski
copyright 2022 (Claws Beat Skin BMI)

Artwork by Toby Goodshank




Major Matt Mason USA Shawnee, Kansas

Major Matt Mason USA is the performing name for musician, poet, and producer Matt Roth. Originally from Shawnee, Kansas, He is also a member of the bands Schwervon! and Broken Heart Syndrome.

As of the fall of 2019 Major Matt Mason USA has been performing with Brian Hurtgen on drums and more recently Dane Bridges on Bass.
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