I'm not crying there's something in my eye.
I'm not flying to crash and burn.
There's a sound inside the sound inside the song.
And there's a person behind everyone that's wrong.
Sometimes when you look at me.
I see the one I want to be.
A falling tree still makes a sound.
When there's no one left around.
And the words get louder the further you're away.
Like dreams of barbecues and porch swings.
And I'm trying hard not hear more than you say.
like sucking poison out of dead things.
But when your drug of choice turns into your own voice.
I don't know what to do because what I'm addicted to sounds a lot like noise.


from Senile Pie Strive Pip Melancholy, track released January 1, 2007
Nan Turner - Drums




Major Matt Mason USA New York, New York

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