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A shadow on the sidewalk.
A digital alarm clock.
The rings around your pet rock
How much you jack your beanstalk.
The needle in your eye, your arm, your ass, you call a crime.
No, I don't care. No, I don't care what you use to keep time.

The gravy on your biscuit.
and if you if you dare to risk it
for the lady on the train
who floats your weather vein.
So, you chopped up all your wood.
And now you're looking for a lite
to burn you fire high.
To see if you were right.
The words you look for that other ignore saying all the time.
No, I don't care. No, I don't care just put your hand in mine.

You're hanging by your cable
clicking through the frames.
You remember the names they called you.
So you use the ones you know
And you let the bad ones go.

You want beauty in your news.
So, you're learning how to use.
A one time session, crash course lesson,
in the accusation blues.


from Honey, Are You Ready For The Ballet?, released January 1, 2002




Major Matt Mason USA Shawnee, Kansas

Major Matt Mason USA is the performing name for musician, poet, and producer Matt Roth. Originally from Shawnee, Kansas, He is also a member of the bands Schwervon! and Broken Heart Syndrome.

As of the fall of 2019 Major Matt Mason USA has been performing with Brian Hurtgen on drums and more recently Dane Bridges on Bass.
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